In conversation with Water bodies


These series of visual illustrations are an attempt to unsettle the dominant image of the city landscape which is held in the minds of the citizens, through the eyes of various agencies. With these illustrations and maps, the research also tries to understand the shifting meanings and associations of the water bodies with the city of Hyderabad. The meaning of water bodies in the everyday life of the city of Hyderabad could be very broadly understood by comparing the way the water bodies were accessed, lived, and majorly a part of the everyday city life of an individual residing in the city.

The interest in understanding the water bodies sprung due to problems and the inconveniences that the citizens had to face during the cloudburst during October 2017. The interest about the research grew based on the conversations in the city around the water bodies which were circulated in the newspapers, to understand the viewpoints and dynamics of power held by the various agencies that are part of the society and more over the city.

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