Compositions, photographs and sketches, critical writing, narratives etc that present our impression of this time

Preparing for Post Lockdown Phase 1

As we are approaching the end of the first phase of the lockdown, can we all reflect on what we have done? Buried some hatchets? Given up some prejudices? Looked for and offered some kindness? Discovered in our talents that were hidden from ourselves? Redeployed our resources to assist others, to inspire others, to share perspectives, to prepare for the post first phase lock-down? Read More

Kise Pata/Who Knows

कहीं नहीं जाना है
यहीं पे जीना है
यहीं पे मरना है
मरने के बाद किसे पता

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Patriarchy of the Pandemic

Coronavirus. Just a health and economic issue? No, a gender issue too. How am I so sure? Let me explain. Read More

Lessons from behind the COVID 19 Helpdesk -1

On 15th April, we put out a call for telecalling volunteers. Many people got in touch. Thank you Lalitha Prasad, Dharmendra, Shanmukha, Manognya, Kranti, Srijitha, Ratnam, and Rahul Sankrityayan for help in doing this. It was amazing how people who did not know each other personally came together to do this at such short notice. In this instance, we had a very specific task to complete. So, we kept on file, the many more offers that came through. We will reach out to you soon. Meanwhile, here is a brief first report on what happened. And we will also release the maps soon. Read More

Hyderabad- How do we build a Civil defence mechanism against COVID 19?

Dear all, this message is for all my FB friends but more pointedly to those based in or connected to Hyderabad. Yes, this is about COVID response. Over the last 18 hours, I have received a number of messages related to food and help. Read More

Ideas for local defense against COVID 19

Broadly speaking there are two things we, as a nation, need to be doing in response to the spread of coronavirus Read More