Former HUL Team

Siddharth Hande (Phase 1: May 2012- July 2012, Phase 2: Dec 2012- June 2013)
Cartography, Maps of Hyd, Location of flooded roads for GHMC, Bholakpur Mapping, HCU, Eco study, Work with interns from EWB and MJCET
Harsha Devulapalli (July 2013- June 2016)
Maps, Transcriptions, Interviews, Data Visualisations, Reports, HUL website, Dont hold it in website, Working papers on paratransit, Assisted in organising Do Din-13, 14,coordinated printing and publishing.
Dhiraj Kaveri (Dec 2013-May 2014)
Served as coordinator for DD 2013 and as Admin Asstt from Jan 2014 to May 2014 looking after office management, accounts, and external errands.
Ashish Kumar (Dec 2013, Dec 2014-Oct 2015)
Part of Time-lapse, Life of First Lancer and Auto Drivers in Hyderabad. Assisted Neha in Meri Kahani videos. Video documentations (including Do Din videos), technical support and equipment maintenance at HUL. All Do Dins
Gaurav Mittal (April 2014- March 2015)
Housing Policy under the Five year Plans,
JNNURM in Dehradun,
Coordinated 2014 Do Din
Indivar Jonnalagadda (July 2014- June 2016)
Housing informalities,Do Din report 2013, 2014, Slums in AP state, Public toilets in the city, Dont hold it in website, Study on primary private education for EU Concorttium
Neha Vaddadi (Sept 2014- Jan 2018)
Visualization, APFH, text for community engagement, gender & neighborhood manual, Conceptual drawing & sketches for urban issues. DD- design & composition works. Mentoring interns, curating the art exhibitions, coordination of DD 16 &17
Ojas Shetty (Dec 2014- Feb 2016)
Informal transit, Interviews with Auto drivers, officials, Catalogue of library, Working papers on para transit
Akash Kumar Burman (Feb 2015-June 2018)
Maps of neighbourhoods, Ethnographic Interviews, Chintan Surveys, Field papers for all walks, Essays on MMTS and Lingampally
Prathyusha Madapati (Jan 2016- Oct 2016)
Photography, Part of APFH team, Study of informal economy on FL and of businesses on Road no. 1, Banjara hills
Mohd. Sajjad (Jan 2016- August 2016)
Survey and study on economic conditions of Muslims in the informal economy in Hyderabad Telangana
Sai Chaitanya Ratnam (March 2016- August 2016)
Primary and secondary research on public transport access in Hyd, History of State transport bus services in Hyd, system of numbering, rationale for routesStudy for Shakti Foundation
Namith Nayak (June 2016- Apr 2017)
Learning module on Probability, First Lancer Football Team, Field notes from KBR, Data from traffic survey
Ishwarya Teeparthi (Sept 2016- July 2018)
Do Din websites 2016, 2017, Animated visuals, Formatted reports, edited and filed photos, Did photo documentation of events, Calendar promos, Facebook posts, curated and published HUL videos
Mridula Garg (Sept 2016- April 2017)
Study of visual culture of the city leading to a detailed study of banner and bill board painters in Hyderabad and the impact of technology on their livelihoods
Vanshika Singh (Sept 2016- Jan 2018: Phase 1)
Interviewed stakeholders in Mental healthcare services, Curated city playlists, Papers & presentations, Study of water distribution networks. In 2018, member- TURN team: studying water and housing, tacit networks in informal settlements
Vinay Abhishek (Dec 2016- June 2018)
Rapporteur for Do Din 2016, Admin and management, logistics, Accounts, IT related work, Correspondence, Assistance to Pedagogic engagements, Procurements, Maintenance, Event coordination, Do Din 2017, Hospitality, logistics coordination
Vijay Sapkal (Feb 2017- Jan 2018)
Assisted ASEEM (NGO) in evaluating use of technology by minorities to access govt schemes, Study of incremental housing in Dabeerpura and Tingalkunta. Interviews and report
Dr. Sinjini Bhattcharya (Aug 2017- Jan 2018)
Mentoring interns, Editing of 2016 Do Din report and other HUL writings, coordinating workshops, Literature reviews
Tirthankar Chakraborty (Aug 2017- Jan 2018)
Fieldwork and interviews with migrant construction labour and contractors form 2 districts of W. Bengal, Brief study of 2 Irani Cafes on FL
Saeb Ali Khan (Nov 2017- June 2018)
Studied the ecolological history of Banjara hills through detailed interviews and terrain maps
Swarna Dutt (May 2018- March 2019)
Collating, mapping and analysis of census data on Telangana, TURN team, Study of tacit element in contract autos
Vilasini (Jan 2019- June 2019)
Coordinated DD 2018, Assisted with DD 18 website and currently HUL website
Sneha Visakha (Nov 2018- June 2019)
Key informant interviews on urban heritage, laws and regulations, public speaking
Shakeb Wajeeh (Feb 2019- August 2019)
Preliminary work on Pedagogy programme for youth and adolescents at risk.
Dipon Bose (October 2018- October 2019)
Incremental Housing at settlement scale, TURN team, Key informant interviews, Field work, Journals
Vidhi Patel (July 2019- December 2019)
Studied urbanisation through geo-spatial data
Dr. Ali Adil, (Ph.D Arlington, TX, USA) (May 2019- December 2019)
Socio-technical transformations in Energy and Transportation and Experiences in precarity with focus on education and employment infrastructure in Hyderabad
Vanshika Singh (June 2018- June 2020)
In 2018, member TURN team, studying water and housing, tacit networks in informal settlements
Neha Vaddadi (March 2020-May 2020)
Visualising HUL's research and composing and designing outputs that represented HUL's work. Managing work at HUL and providing meaningful support to it.


Irfan (May-June 2013)
Set up CartoDB, Baseline data collection for GHMC
Madhura Sawant (Dec 2013)
Assisted Mallepalli presentation and rapporteuring at Do Din 2013
Dyuti Basu (Dec 2013)
Waste livelihood and community: Bholakpur
Ritika Sebastian (May-June 2014)
Para transit in Hyderabad
Sarayu Nandakumar (May-June 2014)
Explored informal economy on First Lancer
Sandeep Tanniru (June-July 2014)
Audit of public toilets in Hyderabad with detailed report, First set of interviews in the informal economy on First Lancer
Chetan Bhati (Oct- Nov 2014)
Exploring circuits of automobile and other metal wastes in Hyd
Pramod Kowndiya (Jan-Apr 2015)
Survey of ragpickers in Hyderabad , Slum data of AP state
Anusha Matam (May- June 2015)
Did a study on the housing and other facilities available to construction workers on site
Ishwarya Teeparthi (May-July 2015)
As part of a team worked on designing a public toilet for women and made a short docu film on the issue.
Ittisha (May-July 2015)
As part of a team worked on designing a public toilet for women and made a short docu film on the issue
Usma Dhammei (May-July 2015)
As part of a team worked on designing a public toilet for women and made a short docu film on the issue
Abhishek Paul Yelamanchili (June- July 2015)
Studied the successive changes in the GOI post independence housing policy
Anindita Mukherjee (Phase 1: July 2015, Phase 2: Jan-June 2016)
Developed Curriculum for a course on Right to the City
Worked on Housing handbook with Indivar
Mohd. Ajmal (Phase 1: Sept-Oct 2015, Phase 2: Jan-Apr 2016)
Neighbourhood study of First Lancer through spatial data, walks, mapping, photographs and sketches and interviews
Adhir Vaddadi (May-Dec 2016)
Study of land gradient, ridges and stream paths in Western Hyderabad, Ecological status of KBR park, field trips to flooded areas.
Bhabesh Sansanwal (May- July 2016)
Study of neighbourhoods, City explorations, Study of milk production and history of dairy Industry in colonial India
Deepti Raj (June 2016)
Secondary research on slums in Hyderabad, socioeconomic analysis
Jonathan Koshy (May-July 2016)
Urban Ecosystem: Dogs and the Neighbourhood
Vilasini K (May-July 2016)
Study of commercial public spaces in the city, local markets and informal economy, Video documentation Do Din 2016, 17
Swapnil Gedam (March-May 2017)
Study of waste management and caste issues
Amit Babu (May- July 2017)
Geospatial study of Shikohabad, UP, Caste and Economy
Intekhab Uddin (May-July2017)
Mapping and study of livelihoods in a new migrant neighbourhood
Shakeb Wajeeh (May-July 2017)
Exploration of city, Study of a central city neighbourhood vis a vis access to health care
Kabeer Arora (June-July 2017)
Baseline Data collection, Mapping and comparative study of Pahadi Sahrif and Mamidipally and Hakimpet neighbourhoods.
Namratha Kolla (July-Sept 2017)
Studied spice markets in Hyderabad and Guntur
Nishkala Sekhar (July-Dec 2017)
Study of waste, pollution and nalahs in industrial areas
Bianca S (Aug-Sept 2017)
GOI policies related to slum eviction and rehabilitation
Evita Das (March- April 2018)
Study of women migrating from choice and for advancing in life Case studies , in-depth interviews and Lit review
Satya Oza (March-Apr 2018)
Study of migrants from North Eastern states of India
Vikas Kumar (March-Apr 2018)
Study of available literature on migration from 5 states of India
Pauline Mathew (June 2019-July 2019)
Process document on TURN Project
Bagavanidhi M (March 2020- June 2020)
Engage with southern urban research papers, Writing articles for the social crisis which rising in the COVID19

In 2013, a group of 25 engineering students from Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology, Gitam and EWB interned with us.

In 2014 we had 19 students from Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University interning with us.

Saiteja Putukuru, Srikanth Muyyadi, Mani Sahith, Sibghatullah Khan and Punna Nithish, B. Arch students of  Aurora’s Design Institute, Habsiguda were special interns for WDA exhibits.

Visiting Scholars

Dagmar Brombeirstaeudl (Aug 2013- Feb 2014, Under-graduate, University of Hiedelberg)
Detailed study on Destruction of natural water bodies in Hyderabad, assisted with organising Do Din 2013
Nikhilesh Sinha (Jan 2014-April 2015, Researcher, University College of London)
Rental housing in two settlements in Hyderabad
Lalith Chinnamaneni (July 2015- Sept 2015, Undergraduate, Humboldt University, Berlin)
Study on Informal economy in Hyderabad
Matt Jenkins (July 2015)
Analysis of Hyderabad Master Plan 2015
Nicholas Trevino (May-Aug 2016)
Study of Women's Access to Health care and Public Health infrastructure in TS
Aman Gupta (July 2016)
Comparative study of use of space- Hyderabad & Ahmedabad, Mapping Use of Sapce on FL, Music jamming with HUL team & other city musicians at public spaces in Hyderabad, Jamming at Lamakaan, Busking- First Lancer
Samikchhya Bhusal (June-Aug 2017, Soka University, California, USA)
Study on women and public transport in Hyderabad, and how women in the informal sector commute
Aman Madan (Summer 2018, Davidson College, North Carolina, USA)
Trans-national networks in place making in reference to Mehedipatnam and Tolichowki
Avi Gandhi (July- Dec 2018, Masters, Columbia, USA)
Informality and urban planning, MA thesis on urban development at the fringe
Cynthia Morinville (Sept 2018- May 2019, Researcher, University of Toronto, Canada)
Informality, Waste economy, gender
Julia Grieshammer (MA in Development Studies, University of Bayreuth, May 2019- June 2019) Sriramkunta (Nizampet's Lake)- The emergence of a new space in the city.
Indivar Jonnalagadda (August 2019- Present)

Short-Term Consultants

S. Kishorekumar (Jan-July 2014)
Modeling waste recycling through the lens of joint production system: The case of Bholakpur scrap market in Hyderabad
Srujana Boddu (Aug 2015- Feb 2016)
Assisted Prof Ramamurthy and Prof Gidwani on city-country project of University of Minnesota and University of Washington in collaboration with HUL
Vaibhav Raghunandan (Sept 2015, April May 2016)
Conceptualising, scripting, executing and editing of stop motion films: Auto- man and machine & To do or What to do
Arshiya Syed (Sept 2017-June 2018)
Studied auto construction and incremental housing in Aghapura
Manish Bokdia (Nov 2017- Jan 2018)
Mapping the water bodies in the city
Bala Gopal
Do Din 2018- Poster Designing, Composition and Printing
Ganga Prakash
Do Din 2018- Poster Designing, Composition and Printing
Nilima Dhamal (October 2019)
Short term consultant for WDA exhibits
Harsha Devulapalli (Ongoing)

SOS Team

Sridhar (Since inception)
Web expert
Vinay Abhishek (Ongoing)
Finance, Logistics
Ashish Kumar (Jan 2018- Ongoing)
Video recording and video editing. All Do Dins
Neha (Ongoing)

Always A Part of HUL

Care-taker, handyman, community resource person
Namith Nayak
Football coach, coordinator on call
Dr. Pullanna
Coordinator on call