Not-so-Viral Selections #3

26 April to 2 May 2020

The history of modern cities is consistently punctuated by pandemics, and the extra-ordinary interventions they make possible in urban planning and design. From examples such as the transformation of Paris under Haussmann, the urban renewal of London and New York, to the remaking of urban planning in the wake of sanitary crises in colonial cities like Bombay, we can easily imagine that COVID-19 is going to introduce new imaginations and techniques for urban governance. Our suggestion is not only that we be very alert to how these changes are proposed, but also that we generate our own imagination of post-COVID cities. Let us advocate for better cities, let us advocate for more equal cities.

In that spirit, this week’s selection is a new report released by the amazing Ajeevika Bureau, titled, “Unlocking the Urban: Reimagining Migrant Lives in Cities Post-COVID 19”. Also attached is a video of a panel discussion that marked the report’s publication.

Download the report here.

Here is the panel discussion which accompanied the launch of the report:

Happy reading! Stay safe.

Cover Image Credit: S. Harpal Singh, from The Hindu.

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