Not-so-Viral Selections #2

19th April – 25th April

The urgency of the lockdown is also a time to appreciate slowness. There’s a word in Hindi for this: thehraav – patience, composure, staying with our thoughts as we act. In that spirit, we’re switching over to a weekly format. So, here’s a curated selection of what our team has been reading this past week:

Archiving to Connect During a Crisis: How We Can Unite to Document COVID-19,” by Laura Starr, History Associates Incorporated.

Govt Knew Lockdown Would Delay, Not Control Pandemic,” by Nitin Sethi and Kumar Sambhav Srivastava, Article 14.

A Crisis of Capital: Why Migrant Workers Can’t Be ‘Managed’ with Food and Money,” by Manoranjan Pegu, Newslaundry.

By Crowdfunding Benefits for Embattled Workers, App-Based Services Are Evading Their Own Obligations,” by Kaveri Medappa and Pradyumna Taduri,

New Pathogen, Old Politics,” by Alex de Waal, Boston Review.

‘What Covid-19 Means To Us,’” by Aaditeshwar Seth and Vani Viswanathan, The India Forum.

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