HUL has an office space!

Hyderabad Urban Lab has been an amorphous idea for many months now. It existed in our minds and in our laptops and in conversations in the only free wifi, endless cups of chai samosa place on earth – Lamakaan. It is from there that we made a successful bid for a scholar activist research project grant made available earlier this year by Antipode Foundation, UK. It is also there – that Kaushik Subramanian and Siddharth Hande two activists from Chennai’s ‘Reclaim our Beaches’ campaign who believed in the HUL idea spun out our mapping platform.

We are now ready to become a little more concrete. HUL will be functioning from the first week of December as a full-fledged work premises on First Lancers Road as in the map below. This will make it easier to meet people, particularly all those who want to intern and / or volunteer with HUL.

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HUL website also which has been in the making for a very long time will slowly integrate the mapping platform and add new functionalities. It belongs to Hyderabad in the best of the senses.

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