Hyderabad is a metropolis that has grown rapidly and is, today, the capital of the new state of Telangana. Yet, it is a city with a distinct history owing to non-colonial rule and retaining capital status in the Telugu-speaking state of Andhra Pradesh after integration into the Indian union. These diverse influences on the city make it an ideal place for evolving collaborative and transformative practices.

Vision: We work collaboratively, with academics, planners, activists, artists, bureaucrats, students and the general public at the local, regional and national levels to examine urbanisation from multiple perspectives and make our research applicable and useful across different contexts.

Objective: Our key task is to understand the relationships between different kinds of people, places, institutions and environments. We use our insights, from available data and data generated by us, to serve as an interface between the government and citizens for smoother delivery of services. We do this by providing toolkits that can enhance the capacities of communities to find favourable solutions for their problems. We frequently undertake projects to develop and disseminate educational material through conventional and alternative platforms. We also provide space and support for young researchers and make resources in the city accessible to them.