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One of our greatest concerns at HUL is the prevalent amnesia of different urban institutions, both in the state and in civil society. We wish to make an effort towards preserving existing archives and digitizing old documents which are of historical, political and cultural value to Hyderabad city.For this reason we have initiated our Open Archive project!

The first entry into the archive is a set of reports from the Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC). The APCLC was a major political voice which strove to hold the state accountable for human rights violations through rigorously conducted fact-finding missions.

Do let us know if you know of a similar archive that can be digitized and we will try to take it up. Also if you know of any similar online archives, do let us know and we will include links to them on our website.



Uploaded 12/02/2015 – Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee Fact Finding Reports

Uploaded 27/02/2015 – Government Orders Pertaining to Auto-rickshaws in Hyderabad

Uploaded 15/09/2015 – M. Visvesaraya’s City Improvement Schemes for Hyderabad, Deccan (1930)