If you are a researcher or field-worker in Hyderabad, read on…

From time to time, HUL provides space for junior and senior researchers to work from its office-space. In the past, this has generally been PhD students from different universities anchoring themselves at HUL while they do their research.  This arrangement was mutually beneficial as the guest researchers find a community of engaged researchers who know the city very well and can provide access to network resources of various kinds, and HUL benefits from the engagement too in terms of fresh insights.

We do have a minimum set of expectations from guests – sharing of their work, insights and data, providing mentorship and peer support to other researchers at HUL and adhering to some basic protocols regarding HUL’s resources. Subject to space constraints, we look forward to hosting activists and entreprenuers too. In some cases, with junior researchers, we may be able to provide financial support. We’re looking for junior researchers with a keen interest in the many dimensions of urban space.

If you have an interesting project and are looking for a hospitable co-working station, do get in touch with us with details.

Please note, however, that we have a limited capacity and the possibility of a co-working arrangement is conditional upon our own constraints (space, time, resources) at any given time. It will also depend on whether your research themes coincide with ours. So please write to us first at and we will get back to you promptly about the possibilities.