Proposed Route Map for Cyberabad

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On the eve of World Car Free Day, here is a proposed bus route map for Cyberabad conceptualized by Prashant Bachu of Embarq and visualized by Harsha Devulapalli of Hyderabad Urban Lab.

Last year, in our recommendations to a committee on women’s safety we insisted that the Cyberabad area needs more public transit connectivity.

Prashant Bachu is developing these new routes towards this very goal so we are glad to have collaborated in it.

As research for these routes, HUL also collaborated with Car Free Thursday – Hyderabad to monitor occupancy of buses run on Thursday, September 3, 2015. The survey was conducted by Harsha Devulapalli, Akash Kumar Burman, Mohammed Ajmal and Pullanna Vidyapogu of Hyderabad Urban Lab and two volunteers, Vishweshwar Singh and Ayaz Pasha.

The following are graphical representations of the observations made during this survey. The graphs were prepared by Harsha Devulapalli and Akash Kumar Burman.

Mindspace Morning


Mindspace Evening


JNTU Morning

JNTU Evening

  • JNTU towards Mindspace in the morning clearly sees more CFT buses with higher occupancy levels (>FULL). Thus, there is clearly a need to run buses to the offices in Cyberabad here.
  • JNTU towards Mindspace in the evening sees a lot of the CFT buses being empty. The regular buses see better occupancy.
  • Mindspace towards JNTU in the morning sees a lot of regular buses and a fair number of CFT buses running empty. However, towards ten thirty eleven, the occupancy picks up a bit.
  • Mindspace towards JNTU in the evening sees a fair number of regular and CFT buses, with most buses seeing high occupancy levels (>FULL). However, there appears to be periods of lull. Like from 6:15 to 6:30, 7:15 to 7:30 when buses seem to be empty.

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