Maps are Us

Maps help us see Polaków the city and show it to others. They help us tell stories about the city. What we want to do here is to make a tool for us to tell “30 map stories in mailing groups and on blogs. We wholesale NBA jerseys are building a platform for people to make maps of their own and share them with others with similar cheap nfl jerseys interests and whats more, put text and images and audio and cheap jerseys video on the maps. Googlemaps already allows people to do much of this. So what is new ? It is the way we want to use maps for local social change. So, the map stories could Алания be about garbage and sewerage, about forgotten landmarks, about wildlife in the city or about the unseen violence or about the culinary joys hidden in the wholesale jerseys bylanes of the city.
One small beginning in this direction is the work that we did in collaboration with students from the Hyderabad Central University (HCU) . Over the last eight weeks, a small dedicated group of student wholesale MLB jerseys volunteers working closely with Siddharth Hande, who has collected spatial information on around 400 (maybe more) data man points on trash and sewage sites on campus. an These data points are supported by photos and videos that students can upload.

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