From Karamchedu to Tsunduru – A History of Caste Violence in Andhra Pradesh

Today marks the 30th anniversary of an event that has done much to shape political awareness in the Telugu speaking regions of this country- the <a href=" viagra pharmacie prix.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3450:history-of-karamchedu-and-what-actually-happened-&catid=118:thought&Itemid=131″ target=”_blank”>Karamchedu Massacre. Close relatives of the then Chief Minister led a brutal assault on the Madigas of the village – killing six men and raping three girls. The manner in which these murders involved smashing a skull with an axe, breaking of limbs and digging of a spear into a groin, conveys a message independent of the fact of the killing itself.

To mark the anniversary, we share here a timeline of all the major instances of caste violence, starting from Karamchedu till Tsunduru in 1991 – another watershed event in caste violence.

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