Don’t Hold It In! – Safe, Affordable and Clean Public Toilets for Women

Our latest initiative is a campaign around the questions of gender, sanitation and social justice. We have called it Don’t Hold It In.

We want a city where women have adequate access to clean, safe and affordable public toilets. DON’T HOLD IT IN is a campaign to make your voice heard.
We want a city where women do not have to hold their bladders. DON’T HOLD IT IN is a campaign to talk about women’s sanitation woes.
Talking about inhibitions and constraints will force us to think about how to build such cities. DON’T HOLD IT IN is a website that brings together four elements: STORIES of different women’s experiences with sanitation, reflections on UNANSWERED QUESTIONS of gender and sanitation, a collection of web RESOURCES along similar themes, and a TOOLKIT with the Hyderabad toilet database and a guide on conducting an audit.
We have also framed a PETITION demanding for better, i.e. safer, more affordable and cleaner, public toilets for women in Hyderabad.

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