A Place for Her – Presentations on Women in the Urban Space

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Hyderabad Urban Lab explores and studies different aspects of life that city dwellers experience. Over the last few months we have started looking more closely and directly into age and gender as part of the ‘urban’, as part of a project which we have named ‘A Place for Her’.
These are very vast and sensitive areas, we understand that, so we tread with care and more importantly with caution.

On October 3rd, we presented some visual and textual matter on these themes to a select group of people. The exhibitions pertained to three different initiatives of HUL:

Meri Kahaani – Meri Kahaani is centrally a set of videos documenting first-person accounts of a cross-section of ‘non-celebrity’ elderly women in Hyderabad. We do not believe that age makes a person irrelevant to society so it is our larger objective to find ways/create opportunities for younger people and society at large to engage with elders in a constructive and fruitful way beyond the family. The exhibition on Saturday was a set of 11 paintings by Neha Vaddadi which follows an imaginary grandmother through her reminiscences and musings on being and ageing.

Work in Progress: Women at Work – Women at Work is a project of Hyderabad Urban Lab that seeks to study women who work. More specifically, the women who work on the streets, in other people’s homes, on pavements and other public places. They do not receive a steady wage, they have no medical insurance and they are afriad to drink water because they do not have access to toilets. The exhibition was a photo essay that pays tribute to women working on the streets of the city without any board proclaiming, CAUTION: WOMEN AT WORK.

Chai ho Jaai – It is a common sight in Indian society that when men are talking, it is the women who are scurrying around making and serving chai. Here at HUL, as part of our project on Women at Work, we invite women from different walks of life to our office to talk, discuss and “chit-chat” and for once, it is the women who are served chai. We have had three such discussions so far and presented some photographs and insights from the sessions.

Based on the feedback from Saturday we hope to further develop the material for a curated event at Do Din 2015.

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    […] by Bhashwati Sengupta featuring artwork by Neha Vaddadi, is an output of a larger project called A Place for Her. The artworks are fantastic interpretations of personal life-stories shared with us by elderly […]

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