Practice & Services

Our activities include:

  • Data and Research Consultancy Services
  • Mapping and Technology Services
  • Production and Delivery of Scholarly and Educational Materials
  • Development of Design Solutions

Our work is organized in four modes:

  • Incubation: A place where ideas are nurtured, developed and brought to fruition. This work includes research programmes, methods and techniques, and business models.
  • Studio: A place where design and communication strategies are developed, prototypes are tested. Our work includes development of campaigns, teaching materials and communication strategies.
  • School: A place where diverse groups of learners are taught how to think about cities. We run regular training programmes.
  • Entrepreneurship: A place where ideas are taken to be tested in the real world.

Support HUL:

We need an opportunity to scale up and deepen our work. Our work is replicable and scaleable. In order to accomplish that we need to create conditions for transmitting our repertoires of pedagogic practices. Do browse through our Portfolio and the contents of our Blog to see our work.