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26/02/2016   Tipu’s ‘Outlook’ faces demolition threat (Times of India)

26/02/2016   GHMC doesn’t care a hoot (The Hindu)

21/02/2016   Report on socio-economic conditions of Muslims out (Times of India)

20/02/2016   Every popular movement has a face (Livemint)

18/02/2016   In-migration, religious homogeneity and self-employment in the Old City (Times of India)

18/02/2016   Shrinking spaces, haphazard growth (Times of India)

05/02/2016   Hyderabad Version 2.0 (The New Indian Express)

31/01/2016   Development in South zone going south? (Times of India)

31/01/2016   It’s open drains amid the highrises (Times of India)

26/01/2016   Solidarity Meet for Rohith Vemula (The New Indian Express)

22/01/2016   If there’s no caste bias, why are Dalit students killing themselves? (Hindustan Times)

22/01/2016   Hyderabad University itself a case study in caste politics (Times of India)

18/01/2016   Caste politics not new to UoH? (Times of India)

10/01/2016   ‘Copless junction’ fails to curb traffic violations (Times of India)

03/01/2016   Odd-even plan for choked Cyberabad? (Times of India)


23/12/2015   Hyderabad’s iconic lake turns into suicide spot, 40 deaths in 2015 (Hindustan Times)

21/12/2015   चेन्‍नई में मिला धरातल की ओर लौटने का सबक (आउटलुक)

13/12/2015   In ‘hi-tech’ Hyderabad, where are the drains? (Times of India)

26/11/2015   After the Chennai deluge, a cautionary tale for Hyderabad’s urban lakes (The News Minute)

26/11/2015  അത് ഇനിയും പിടിച്ചു നിർത്തരുതേ ; ഇന്ത്യൻ സ്ത്രീകളോട് ഈ വിഡിയോ പറയുന്നു… (Manorama Online)

25/11/2015   Route rationalization yet to bear fruits for RTC (Times of India)

24/11/2015   Valuing The Worthless (The Hans India)

21/11/2015   Don’t hold it in (Deccan Chronicle)

20/11/2015   ‘Holding on’ for a while longer (The Hindu)

20/11/2015   Public toilets rare, clean ones a myth (Times of India)

19/11/2015   This Video Perfectly Captures The Struggles Indian Women Face When Finding A Public Toilet (Buzzfeed)

19/11/2015   Watch How Long It Takes A Woman To Find A Toilet In An Indian City (Youth Ki Awaaz)

19/11/2015   This Video Shows the Struggles of Every Indian Woman Who Wants to Use a Public Toilet (iDiva)

03/11/2015   This is the Kind of Old Woman We Want to Be When We Grow Up (The Ladies Finger)

11/10/2015   Understand The Great Indian Auto Driver-Commuter Clash. While Laughing out loud. (The Better India)

01/10/2015   Next Time You Curse Your Autowala, Think About This. (Youth Ki Awaaz)

01/10/2015   Waste segregation remains on paper (Times of India)

29/09/2015   Immersion strategy needs major review (Deccan Chronicle)

15/09/2015   The Four-way Fleecing of Commuters by Auto Drivers in the City (The New Indian Express)

01/09/2015   GHMC toilet plan stinks of neglect (Deccan Chronicle)

27/07/2015   Telangana must show the way to taxi safety (Times of India)

18/07/2015   Art in progress (Deccan Chronicle)

14/07/2015   An injured Uber comes to Hyderabad (Times of India)

12/07/2015   A shift in the centre (Times of India)

24/06/2015   Three years on, Hyderabad Metro rail project heading nowhere (Times of India)

23/06/2015   Why Installing CCTVs in Mumbai’s Local Won’t Make Women Feel Any Safer (Newslaundry)

01/06/2015   Is India’s Deadly Heat Wave Global Warming? (Foreign Policy)

28/02/2015   Don’t Need Big Brother Watching Us! (Youth Ki Awaaz)


29/12/2014   The Memorable ‘Do Din’ (The New Indian Express)

20/12/2014   Addressing issues by conversations (Deccan Chronicle)

17/12/2014    Two days to understand our city (The Hindu)

14/12/2014    Mismatch in census, Telangana district administration maps (The Hindu)

10/12/2014    Unclear city boundaries puzzle locals in Hyderabad (Deccan Chronicle)

07/11/2014    Pickpockets in shared autos on the rise in Hyderabad (Times of India)

31/10/2014    More than brooms (The Hindu Business Line)

21/09/2014   ‘Better public transport to ensure safety of women in Cyberabad’ (Times of India)

17/09/2014   Smart city – a utopian concept? (Times of India)

04/09/2014   New Andhra Pradesh Capital in Vijayawada Region (Livemint)

31/08/2014   Redrawing a State in India Drives Land Prices to the Sky (The New York Times)

04/07/2014   Public loos defunct, missing in Hyderabad (Deccan Chronicle)

27/03/2014   Time to build a model city (The New Indian Express)

09/02/2014   Glad Tidings (Times of India)

04/02/2014   Ward of Words (The Hindu)

19/01/2014   Fading Novelty (Times of India)

19/01/2014   Old Maps, New Cities (Times of India)

10/01/2014   Old Contours, New Stories (The Hindu)

06/01/2014   Most Area Sabha Meetings A Farce (Times of India)

06/01/2014   No Mohalla Sabha For Aam Aadmi in Hyderabad (Times of India)

02/01/2014   Understanding Our Quirky Geology (The Hindu)


18/12/2013   The Urban Link (The Hindu)

16/12/2013   Urban Repository Key Step To Safeguard Hyderabad (Times of India)

10/12/2013   At The Crossroads (The Hindu)

01/12/2013   The Local Remedy (Times of India)

20/10/2013   Recover Hyderabad’s Boot Sector (Times of India)

13/10/2013   Paradise Lost (Times of India)

07/10/2013   Seemandhra: A Million Mutinies Waiting To Break Out (Times of India)

15/09/2013   Hyderabad’s Westward Journey (Times of India)

07/09/2013   Move Forward On Telangana Talks (Times of India)

07/09/2013   Thus Spake (Times of India)

07/09/2013   Watch Your Waste (The Hindu)

17/08/2013    Socio-economic Questions Need Answers Before Split (Times of India)

30/07/2013   Hyderabad As UT Will Suffer From Deficit Democracy (Times of India)

27/06/2013   Light Le Lo (Times of India)

23/06/2013   Regional Development Authority Needed For Hyd (Times of India)

04/05/2013   Bholakpur Residents Battle Growing Plastic Pollution (Times of India)

23/03/2013   Reclaiming The City (Times of India)

01/03/2013   Dividing Lines (Caravan)


22/11/2012   Hyd Rejoices Kasab’s Execution (Times of India)

12/10/2012   Police Under Fire Over TISS’s Students Arrest (Times of India)

20/07/2011   R’seema woefully in need of development (Times of India)

14/07/2011   Does AP require more cities? (Times of India)

07/07/2011   T Stir Spawns Plethora Of Literary Groups (Times of India)

17/10/2010   What Kills Borrowers (Times of India)