We believe in multiple knowledge forms.

Data is crucial to our work. We understand data and its potentials and limitations.

  • Where data is available, we clean it, spatialize it and glean insights.
  • Where data is not available, we develop cheap and innovative ways to generate data.
  • Where need for data is not realized, we develop frameworks of understanding to crystallize this need.

But much of our practice depends on insights and information that cannot be grasped in the form of data. Our work is informed by the firm conviction that there are domains of life where what we need is not data but a critical sensibility.

Urban Waste

Bholakpur - Unpacking PlaceMapping how small and micro enterprises ingeniously recycle and repurpose the city’s waste. HUL shows how such cluster economies create green jobs and are vital to urban waste management.

Transit Deserts of Hyderabad

Transit Deserts in HyderabadIdentifying how transit deserts impact public safety and  impede mobility, especially of women. HUL shows how low cost solutions emerge organically and how they can be augmented to improve coverage.

A Place for Her

A Place for HerFour initiatives on women’s lives in the city; Meri Kahani: Creating cooperative spaces of conversation and care for elderly women in the city. Chai ho jaai: A forum for small group interactions and consultation between women from diverse segments of society. Women at work: Making visible the contributions and concerns of women in the informal economy. Public toilets for women: Audit and campaign to publicize the shocking absence of clean, affordable public toilets for women, and men.

Interstitial Housing

Interstitial HousingRapidly growing cities suffer from housing crises. HUL shows how ordinary people can create housing solutions and vibrant neighborhoods that cities should foster for economic and social opportunities.

Auto, the Man and the Machine

Auto - The Man and the MachineA critical study of the autorickshaw industry.

The Lake in its Catchment

The Lake in its CatchmentA project aimed to develop a deeper understanding of water-bodies as urban heritage.

Do Din

Do DinA unique annual public event organized by HUL to bring together diverse urban actors and stake holders. The event catalyzes collaborative learning and actions for smarter, sustainable and more livable cities.