Admin & Research Team

Bhashwati Sengupta – She is HUL’s Chief Operations Officer. A poet, editor, educationist and a passionate builder of institutions, Bhashwati brings her diverse skills and sensibilities on board as she oversees the organisational and administrative concerns at HUL. When she is not chalaoing hul, as she likes to say, she can be found deep in conversation, helping conceive and conceptualise projects for the organisation.
Pullanna Vidyapogu – Pullanna is presently a Ph.D scholar at the Centre for Regional Studies at the Hyderabad Central University. He has an M.A. in History and an M.Phil in Women’s Studies. His Ph.D research revolves around the degradation of a lake (artificial) in the peri-urban region of Hyderabad city. He has been a visiting researcher at HUL since 2012, working on furthering his own research project while also contributing to the various ongoing projects at HUL.
Sridhar Potlacheruvoo – Sridhar has been programming professionally for more than 7 years now. Sridhar handles the technical aspects of all the domains, online tools and servers of HUL.
Smt Lakshmi – Ensures twice a day, 6 days a week, that our office, and the work spaces within, remain clean. She also takes care of some other housekeeping activities.
Harsha Devulapalli – Harsha contributes to the research team at Hyderabad Urban Lab through development of urban databases and maps. He is currently working on mobility and waste related issues in Hyderabad.
Indivar Jonnalagadda – Indivar has a background in Development Studies and is currently working on Urban Housing and Land Rights. He is interested in researching urban space using inter-disciplinary methods and theories. He is presently conducting fieldwork to understand the everday practices of communities and governments in city slums.
Neha Vaddadi – Neha is an architect who has a keen interest in designing and visualising stories and narratives that come out of the various projects at HUL. She has been working on a long term project called Young Pathways to Urban Futures, created cognitive maps, sketched out streetscapes and is currently involved in conceptualising a gender-based visual project.
Akash Kumar Burman – Akash is an Engineer (ISE) by qualification. He has a keen interest in the research being conducted under the various projects at HUL. He is also involved in various mapping projects at HUL. He is presently conducting fieldwork to find out “who does what in solid waste management in Hyderabad city?” He also maintains the different databases of HUL.